My Book – Shameless Self-Promotion

I have self-published a book that I will unabashedly promote here.

All Things Being Equal  can be found on Amazon Kindle Ebook Store.

“Max was a finder of lost things: hearts, loves, dreams, and, in this case, brothers. He was minding his own business when he became embroiled in the search for a lovely lady’s brother. Everyone said he’d left with the family funds but she knew better!

Enter a twenty-third century future were genetics have been codified and commercialized. There’s the Glams, Glitzers, and Fae gnomes, people who have tinkered with their genome, who have redefined high fashion by what you are more than what you wear.

Can Max figure out where the brother went and deal with the shadowy faction trying to stop him? As he gets further in, he realizes everything is not as equal as he thought….”

650 pages estimated

It’s part Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  Try it out.


Published by: Kent A. Larson

Kent Larson was born in Phoenix, Arizona with a neurological condition known as Spina Bifida. He has partially paralyzed legs and uses a wheelchair to get around most places but uses a cane at home. He graduated from Camelback High School in Phoenix and moved the next day to Sandy, Utah where he would begin attending BYU. Having started with a Theater Directing major, he switched after his LDS mission to English Secondary Teaching. This change was precipitated by interest in a better job for raising a family. He married and has enjoyed thirty years with Melanie McKay. They were blessed with two sets of twins. Andrew and Erin are now twenty-seven. The younger set of twins are boys, not identical, Sean and Steven are twenty-two. Kent has been teaching secondary for nearly three decades since graduating with a BA in 1989 and still enjoys it. After teaching for ten years, he went back and got a Masters in Educational Leadership. He had flirted with idea of going into administration for the better pay but realized he would miss his students too much. He has taught all grades from seventh to twelfth. He enjoys teaching seventh grade the most because they are earlier on in their educations where it is easier to instill good habits in them. His interests include writing, reading, theater, movies, and many other forms of entertainment. He is often heard joking that he is only a "visitor" in this reality.

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One thought on “My Book – Shameless Self-Promotion”

  1. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Congrats! Guess what Mark is getting for his birthday! (Of course, I’ll have to sample it first!) You always were the creative witty one!

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